Demands For Nutrients Increases Multifold- Vital Link To Immune System Boost

A surge in the demand for nutrients in India has been observed, with a direct link to the immune system. Notably, a rapid increase in the consumption of nutraceuticals has been recorded, constituting 31% of all chemist billings in September 2023, up from 24% in the corresponding period last year, as reported by a survey conducted by Pronto Consult.

This heightened demand is primarily attributed to a rise in the purchase of skin health products and immunity-boosting supplements. The surveyed billings encompass both over-the-counter and prescribed medications, with a predominant focus on immunity boosters. Noteworthy products include multivitamins such as Revital, A to Z, Shellacal, Biotin, Vitamin C and D brands, Omega 3, Hair Vitamins, Gummies, and iron supplements, reflecting a diverse range of health-related choices.

Several factors contribute to this increased demand. Modern lifestyle challenges, including stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor dietary habits, negatively impact the skin and immune system. Consequently, individuals are turning to skin health products and immunity boosters to address these health concerns.

Furthermore, there is a growing consciousness of health among the population, leading to proactive measures to enhance overall well-being. Recognizing the importance of a healthy immune system and radiant skin, people are increasingly incorporating skin health products and immunity booster supplements into their daily routines.

The market offers a wide array of products catering to diverse health issues. This variety allows individuals to choose products tailored to their specific health needs, promoting a personalized approach to wellness.

The accessibility of skin health products and immunity booster supplements plays a crucial role in their increased popularity. These products can be easily obtained from various sources, including online platforms, offline stores, and medical outlets, ensuring convenience for consumers.

While it may be challenging to definitively state whether people’s immunity has weakened, the upward trend in health awareness is unmistakable. Individuals are proactively adopting various measures to improve their health, with the utilization of skin health products and immunity booster supplements being a notable aspect of this health-conscious lifestyle.

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